Darrell Hazen in front of Hidden Treasures, circa 1994.

The Story Behind the Name

THE FOUNDER: Darrell Hazen is the owner & founder of Hidden Treasures -- he started selling vintage clothing on the Canyon roadside in the 70s & opened a store front in Topanga in the 80s. 

VINTAGE CLOTHING: Darrell has a long history with vintage clothing, starting in the 1970s  when he managed Aardvark's Vintage Clothing Franchise.  From there, Darrell moved on to selling on the roadside in the Canyon. Darrell worked with his brothers & childhood friend at Aardvark's & they also began their own stores, as well!  Check out Daniel Hazen's store, Ozzie Dots or Ronnie Kleyweg's store, Animal House

Shopping for vintage clothing & antiques allows Darrell to express a creative vision & search for items from the past with flavor.  Darrell is the perpetual collector, relating to Indiana Jones (his favorite movie!)  & likens Hidden Treasures to Pirates of the Caribbean (his favorite ride at Disneyland!). 

TOPANGA CANYON: Darrell chose to open a business in Topanga Canyon, as people enjoy the hippie vibe, and many people associate the hippie generation with vintage clothing. The location is also relevant, as many people enjoy traveling through the canyon on their way to the beach, to go for a hike, or just to find a great buy. The location has given the store a magical element, located up in the hills away from the hubbub of the city.  

THE HISTORY BEHIND HIDDEN TREASURES: The building where Hidden Treasures is located was built in the 1930s & used to house several restaurants & a dental office before Hidden Treasures!

The last restaurant located in the building attracted rock stars -- they would play big rock shows at The Corral (like Steppenwolf or Canned Heat) & come here afterward to eat.  The restaurant was called The Discovery Inn.  Back in the 1800s, stagecoaches used to pass through the canyon & park right in front of where the store is located.  


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