Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you have an online shop? 

We sell great vintage items at our storefront only, where we specialize in unique vintage & antiques, with clothing dating from Victorian to the 1980s.  We buy antiques, used & vintage clothing items, along with festival wear & costumes. 

In addition to vintage clothing, we also carry used clothing, which includes couture clothing, shoes & purses.  Customers are constantly raving about our low prices, where they can find great steals.  We've spent many years creatiing an atmosphere unlike most vintage stores, by decorating with old movie props, pirates, waterfalls & wacky antiques scattered throughout the store.  

Find out more information about our story & our address, hours & location. 

What kind of items do you sell at your storefront?

If you've been to our online shop only, please know that online items are all hand-picked finest quality vintage (read: pricier!).  The storefront is PACKED TO THE BRIM with awesome, hand picked vintage at GREAT PRICES.   We sell Women's, Men's & Children's VINTAGE CLOTHING.  We also sell hand-picked modern used clothing, costume jewelery,  shoes, antique knick-knacks, ephemera, textiles (which includes bedding, rugs, tablecloths, etc.), Seasonal Festival Wear, Halloween costumes & much more! Our Instagram does a great job of capturing day-to-day at the store, so please follow us for a behind-the-scenes peak!

Does Hidden Treasures have Sales?

We do 2 sales yearly at our storefront location only -- we offer a 5% off discount in July & August for Burning Man attendees that are buying costumes in store.  We also do a yearly coat sale in February or March.  Otherwise, we keep our prices so low, that every day is a sale at Hidden Treasures! 

Are you a thrift store? 

No!  We are a vintage clothing store - we do not accept donations, and we purchase & hand-pick ALL our items!  Although we ♥ thrift stores, they are based on donations; we try to cut out a step for you by sorting through mountains of unique vintage clothing to find you the best, most affordable & stylish pieces!

Where do you buy your items? 

Most of our items are sold to us by lovely customers (like yourselves!),  from estates, flea markets, etc..  We also source a lot of clothing from the mid-west, and have been known to travel far & wide for neat pieces. 

Do you sell costumes? 

Yes, for a limited time each year! We sell costumes starting in late spring for festivals (like Burning Man), and start putting out our remaining Halloween accessories & costume items in September.  Costume pieces are all put into storage by November 3rd, and we do not have access to costume pieces year round.  For year-round costume needs, we suggest Ozzie Dots in Hollywood! 

Do you rotate your clothing according to season?

Yes! We do our clothing seasonally, to help keep you warm during the winter & cool during the summer.  This means if you saw shorts in the summer, we will not have them out in the winter!  Costumes are only in storefront during Halloween, etc..  Because of our seasonal nature, all off-season items are inaccessible & in storage otherwise. 

I'd like to do a photoshoot/film on site.  Can I do that? 

We allow casual snapshots on site for personal use with one camera taking photos of the store.

Any photos taken on the premise for publication, professional use and/or public consumption with additional equipment and/or models must be arranged in advance. Please call Monday through Friday at 310-455-2998 for more information on filming & ask for the store manager.

Do you rent clothing or do "pulls" for photoshoots?

Due to the nature of vintage clothing (old & potentially easy to damage) , we do not loan, rent or do pulls for photoshoots.  All our clothing is sold as-is, with no returns or exchanges. 

What forms of payment does Hidden Treasures accept?

In our storefront, we accept all credit cards & cash.  We also accept Apple Pay & Android Pay.

What is your return policy for items?

All items purchased both online & in store are sold as-is, no returns or exchanges issued.  Due to the nature of vintage & used clothing items, we are not able to make exceptions for this rule. 

Do you ship items from the storefront? 

On a case-by-case basis, we sometimes ship items that are priced $300 & over from the store, but within the United States.   If this item is not something you have seen personally, we do not ship items from the store unless you have physically seen the item in person yourself, due to our strict refund policy.   We do ship items on a case-by-case basis, even for items over the $300 limit, because we are not always able to ship due to size, packaging and/or time limitations.  Please contact us directly for further details & questions. 

Do you buy clothing? How about consignment? 

Yes! We buy clothing, antiques & accessories!  We buy clothing outright.  Please see our selling clothing? page for more info. 

If I leave you my name, can you call me if something comes in that I'm looking for?

Due to the high volume of inventory we receive daily, we are unable to search for specific items.  We suggest that you call us regularly if you are looking for a certain clothing item!  If you're curious about what we receive in store, you can also check on our blog or on our facebook page, as we try to update regularly!

What are your holiday hours?

We're closed 4th of July, Thanksgiving & Christmas Day.  We're open 10 am to 3 pm on Christmas Eve & 12 noon to 5 pm New Year's Eve/New Year's Day.


For faster response, please call us during business hours at 310-455-2998

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