Photo by Ari Abramcyzk

Hidden Treasures BUYS clothing, costumes, antique knickknacks & accessories from customers!  Read below for more info on items we buy;  please call or e-mail before bringing in items, as items we buy are subject to change!

By phone

The quickest way to sell your clothing is to call us during business hours (10:30 am to 6:30 pm), Monday through Friday.  Please be prepared to describe the items you are looking to sell in detail. 


photo by  Michelle Yap

photo by Michelle Yap

What we are looking to buy*: 

*Items we buy vary, depending on inventory & season. 

-Women's & Men's clothing from the 1970s & before with a classic, funky or bohemian twist

-modern & vintage costume items

-Burning Man costume pieces

-accessories (Women's & Men's, such as belts, purses, shoes, hats, wallets, jewelry, suspenders, scarves, etc.)

-Vintage shoes & modern boots 

-Fashionable modern clothing in BULK (from 1980s to current)

-Vintage Children's clothing

-Small antique items (lamps, knick knacks, small shelves, paintings, statues, etc).

-Oddities (ephemera, film props, taxidermy, vintage signs)

-Textiles (vintage linens, vintage bedspreads, vintage curtains)

By E-mail

We can be e-mailed directly at

If e-mailing, please include the following (if possible): 

-photographs of your best pieces (send photos of the best items if there are too pieces to photograph!)

If possible, answer the following questions: 

-what type of items are you looking to sell? (clothing? accessories? antiques?)

-what era? Modern? Vintage? Year? 

-where are the items from? are they yours? from an estate?

-if you don't know what time period the items are from, what closures are on the clothing? buttons? zippers? hook & eye? snaps? 


We pay TOP DOLLAR FOR HIGH QUALITY VINTAGE ITEMS.  For store, we pay per individual item; and try to pay as much as we possibly can, while keeping our prices low in the store.  We don't have a percentage, rather, pay for quality & desirability of each individual item.  These factors include age, quality, current trends & quantity.   We cannot assess how much we will pay by phone, but may be able to give an approximate price if e-mailed a photograph.

What we are not buying: 


-Conservative attire (i.e. business casual) from the 1980s to current

-Modern jeans

-Modern Children's clothing

-Cut crystal vases, China, Dishware or Flatware